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Advanced System Optimizer Systweak Review

Systweak provide you opportunity to maintain yous computer system to work better. Here we will see Advanced System Optimizer Systweak Review.


  • Feature Rich: Lots of tools to improve and fix your PC
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • You normally get a free extra when you buy
  • Phone support
  • Trial free


  • Expensive for what you actually get

Quick Overview Advanced System Optimizer Systweak Review:

Systweaks Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is a good program, it has lots of tools, and these tools will give you the power to fix heaps of computer problems.

Advance System Optimizer (ASO) has an impressive arsenal of tools such as registry cleaningUse, memory optimizing, driver updating, malware protection and more. Its singular negative is that it lacks customer support via phone.

Ease of Advanced System Optimizer:

The interface is divided into clear sections that make navigating and using the program intuitive and easy. On the left are the navigation menus and the right the tools for the selected category.

The standout feature is ‘Smart PC Care’ which is a one click solution that even new computer users will feel comfortable with – it performs all the under the hood tasks – just click the button and it goes to work optimizing and fixing your computer.

Installing Systweak:

Installing is straightforward, you run the setup wizard you download from the website, and click a couple of next buttons and it starts downloading all the necessary files, then Advanced System Optimizer will automatically install itself.

When the installation is complete it will automatically create a system restore point and perform a backup of your system files (only takes a minute or so) – a brilliant feature that should give any end-user piece of mind. It then opens up a webpage with simple instructions on how to use the program – Systweak System Optimizer really does make things easy.


Features Explained in Systweak:

Advanced System Optimizer has more features than you can poke a stick at!! Don’t be overwhelmed by all the tools packed into this beauty of a program, it makes things simple – one click fixes.

When the program first starts up after the installation, it present you with the Home window of Advanced System Optimizer, it indicates up the top ‘System Analysis is required’ and says ‘Please click on the “Start Smart PC Care” button to starting scanning for possible problems on your system and fix them for optimal performance.’


You can scan your system for free but to fix you need to have a registered version (Buy Advanced System Optimizer).

Feature: Smart PC Care (one-click feature that does all the hard-work)

A number of functions are performed in the background when using the Smart PC Care tool:

  • Scans your PC for junk and outdated files and removes them to free up disk space
  • Optimizes the system by defragmenting your hard drive
  • Searches for Malware such as Adware, Keyloggers, Spyware, Viruses, etc and removes any found threats
  • Cleans unnecessary internet records that exposes your system to privacy and security threats
  • Scans the registry for invalid and outdated entries and fixes them
  • Searches outdated drivers on your computer and installs the most up-to-date versions
Systweak Review

Systweak Review

Registry Cleaner scans your system and identifies any registry entry errors and repairs them.

Registry Optimizer defrags your registry.

System Cleaner removes temporary files and other unnecessary junk files to free up hard drive space.

Disk Optimizer defrags your hard disk.

Disk Tools searches for hard disk errors and repairs them.

Disk Explorer displays files and folders on your PC and the space that they take up. A quick scan will display the largest files.

Game Optimizer allocates and prioritizes system resources to any games played on the computer.

Memory Optimizer manages the RAM (Random Access Memory) and recover and optimize the current available memory.

Driver Updater finds outdated drivers on your system and updates them.

System Protector protects and scans for malicious programs like malware and spyware.

Privacy Protector removes privacy exposing information such as internet cookies and other such files

Secure Delete it functions much the same as a shredder – its purposes is to make sure sensitive information is permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Secure Encryptor it allows you to protect your files with encryption;

Undelete finds files that were deleted and recovers them.

Backup Manager a tool that can be utilized to backup files and folders.

System File Backup & Restore gives you the ability revert back to previously saved system settings in the event of a problem with the computer.

PC Fixer repairs common problems.

System and Security Advisor it scans your system and makes recommendation on how to improve the security of your computer.

Duplicate File Remover scans the computer for unnecessary duplicates of files and software.

Startup Manager allows you to easily adjust what items / programs startup when the computer does.

Uninstall Manager allows you to remove programs from your PC.

Scheduler set a date and time to perform scans and repairs.

Other tools provided by Systweak


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the ultimate tool for removing duplicate and similar photos from your Windows PC. You’ll never have to waste time again finding and removing the hundreds – or thousands – of duplicates and near-duplicates on your PC. This nifty tool will help you recover loads of hard disk space!

Photo Organizer – New

Systweak Photo Organizer tool is the best solution to organize and tidy your photo library. It allows you to rename and consolidate all photos in a single location with categorized sub-folders. Moreover, you can also remove any duplicate images, thus saving disk space. Photo Organizer also comes with a built-in photo viewer that categorizes all your memories in a life calendar and makes them easy to find.

Noise Reducer Pro

Noise Reducer Pro removes digital noise from the pictures on your Windows system. It specializes in eliminating noise from photos taken in low light, or with high ISO settings. It removes tinted pixels and gives spotless pictures in no time without degrading their quality. Get clear, crisp, and noise-free pictures with this wonderful tool.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is a powerful duplicate file removing tool that gets rid of duplicate images, videos, audios, and documents from your PC. This nifty tool provides precise results and helps in organizing media and other stuff neatly on your computer.

Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music Fixer is an easy-to-use Windows utility that makes it simpler to manage your music collection. Whether you collect oldies or operas, rap or pop, Duplicate Music Fixer will identify duplicate audio files, and help you delete them quickly and safely. Your music collection will be more enjoyable, and you’ll recover lots of precious disk space on your hard drive.

Disk Speedup

This easy to use but efficient disk tool defragments and optimizes hard disk drives for faster performance. Besides increasing the speed, it also offers the option to clean junk, temporary files and even duplicate files.

Advanced System Protector

If you need protection from cyber criminals, Advanced System Protector is the way to go. This anti-malware program effectively removes spyware, malware and adware from your system and protects it against real time threats. With over 10 million definitions and daily updates, this is the program you need for protection against spyware attacks

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater makes scanning and installing the latest drivers a walk in the park! A driver is essentially a software that allows your system to communicate with the hardware installed on it. Without drivers, the hardware devices on the computer cannot work properly. Missing and outdated drivers can result in poor system performance and limited hardware functionality.

Disk Analyzer Pro

With Disk Analyzer Pro, you can identify large files & folders, clean obsolete ones and de-clutter your existing data to regain precious disk space. This app gives you a detailed summary of files and folders hogging up your Windows and helps you keep it systematized and neatly arranged.

Advanced Disk Recovery

Accidentally deleted your data and emptied the Recycle Bin too? Don’t worry! We have the perfect solution for you; Advanced Disk Recovery allows you to bring back the accidentally deleted data with a few easy clicks. All external storage devices including hard drives, partitions, external devices and even CDs and DVDs can be scanned for recoverable files using Advanced Disk Recovery.


Help and Support:

  1. Tutorial that walks you through using the program
  2. Online Knowledgebase (can be easily accessed through help link on program)
  3. FAQs
  4. Support via Email  and phone

Awards/Postive Systweak Reviews:

  1. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  2. CNET – “The Best Optimizer”
  3. Tucows – 5 star rating
  4. Brothersoft – 5 star rating
  5. TopTenReviews – Gold Award
  6. Intel Software Partner

Moneyback Guarantee:

Unconditional 30 day moneyback return policy.


Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) has a comprehensive suite of tools. ASO has so many tools you will need more than your own fingers and toes to count them – it’s really excellent value.

Most of the tools focus on system optimization, maintenance, fixing pc errors and security. A simple and powerful solution that allows beginner users a one click solution and advanced user the under the hood settings and tools.

ASO does  provide support over the phone,  its a really easy application to use, and in the unlikely event you need help using this program you can get help via email or by checking out the help file in the program.

So checkout Advanced System Optimizer now, – it will have you fixing lots of computer problems in no time at all.

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