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Paretologic PC Health Advisor Reviews

There are many utility tools available in market claiming to be the best. Paretologic PC Health Advisor is one of them. But being forward we have not heard good Paretologic PC Health Advisor reviews , thats we dont recommend Paretologic PC Health Advisor

PROS of Paretologic PC Health Advisor:


  • Comes with many tools
  • Improved system performance on test machine
  • Tiny price for so much
  • Plenty of customer support options at your fingertips

CONS of Paretologic PC Health Advisor:


  • none spring to mind
  • bad reputation in market

QUICK OVERVIEW of Paretologic PC Health Advisor:


ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor addresses the problems that cause PC slow down and performance reduction – it optimizes your PC.


PC Health Advisor is one of the easiest programs to use, that I have come across. It makes performing tasks simple, the well-labelled buttons like the big ‘Click to Start Scan’ make it so simple to use, even for novice PC users.

It has plenty of technical support choices available if you are stuck – you could read the help-file or email support.

In summary, PC Health Advisor has many tools, but surprisingly remains simple to use.



  • Find duplicate files and remove redundancies to free up space
  • Locates junk files so you can remove the unneeded clutter
  • PC Health Advisor repairs the computers registry by locating and fixing bloat, redundancies, and errors that cause system errors and slowdown.
  • Boost internet-browsing speed, and improves your web browsing experience by helping you to remove unwanted features, such as unwanted toolbars.
  • Protects against identity theft as it deletes internet history, and removes other compromising data to prevent account logins, passwords, credit card numbers – etc, from being stolen.
  • A large number of tune-up tools come with PC Health Advisor. You can tweak settings; adjust startup programs, optimize memory – and much more to improve the PC’s speed.
  • Utilize the disk defragmenter to regain space, and to improve speed.
  •  Easy monitoring of current applications (processes) running on your system.
  • And many more features.

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Features & Benefits listed on Paretologic PC Health Advisor website

Minimize Errors

Clean Windows registry errors like shared DLLs, uninstall entries, file path references, shell extensions, application paths and more.

Remove Junk Files

Clean up junk, duplicate and temporary files, reclaiming space and memory and improving performance and speed.

Protect Your Privacy

Permanently delete unnecessary confidential information: passwords, login credentials, banking information and more.

Increase Speed

Increase speed and performance by reclaiming space with the defrag tool, which cleans up files fragmented across your disk.

Automate Scans

Keep your system clean and free from unnecessary file clutter with pre-scheduled scans and automated cleaning.

Navigate Easily

With a user-friendly interface, you can rely on our software to do all of the heavy lifting (and thinking) for you.


Paretologic PC Health Advisor reviews:

PC Health Advisor will tackle many computer problems, and your computer will be better for it. Overall, when testing PC Health Advisor I found no negatives – it really helps tuneup a slow computer and fix errors. When it get installed , its difficult to uninstall it

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