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How to clear ram on window 7, 8.1 and 10

You may find your computer keep getting hang when you start multiple software at a time. And most of time you are not using those softwares. Let suppose, I am programmer, and some time I use MATLAB and some time i used Anaconda Spyder for python programming. As these softwares consumes much time to start up, therefore, i would not prefer them to close. The thing i start noticing that my system get hanged even when i open chrome or some other tiny software. We will see how to clear ram on windows 10

Here is my system requirement, so that you may not get confused that i have an old generation system.

System Requirements

how to clear ram

how to clear ram a case study

I am using HP laptop core i7 – 7th generation with 8 GB ram. Instead of HDD harddisk , my system have SSD hard disk which make it more fast. Still i am facing the issue of system hanging while opening multiple softwares. One way is to force close the program in task manager. Press ctrl+alt+del to open task manager. But if you dont want your app to close, then follow the post, i will share the solution with you.

Reason of Slow System

The reason i think is that my system RAM get occupied with those softwares cache and i did not have further space left for further softwares.

Best Free Ram Cleaner

I use wise memory optimizer which free up the cache of my system when it get overloaded. 

Wise Ram Cleaner Reviews

Here we will see , what are the good features of wise ram cleaner

Free up memory taken by useless app

It will free up memory taken by known and unknown running in background and utilize the computer physical memory and give that space to a useful app we are running.

Super easy to use 

By just one single click we can clear our ram cache, other wise just set a threshold level, it will automatically clear the ram when exceed that threshold level.

Small Size and portable

Size of wise ram cleaner is less than 2 mb and it is available in portable version also. You can run its portable version any time any where without installing it.


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